Your Board

We look forward to connecting with you.  For information, please contact us via the form at the bottom of this page.

  • President: Elisabeth Tuck
  • Vice-President: Bob O’Brien
  • Treasurer: Lucy Hart
  • Secretary: Judith Ingram

Committee Chairs and Other Responsibilities

  • Branch Historian:
  • Central Board Representative:  Elisabeth Tuck
  • Event Logistics:  Danard Emanuelson
  • Membership:  Marlene Dotterer
  • Newsletter:  Elisabeth Tuck
  • Norcal representative:  Leslie Rupley
  • Online Coordinator:  Andrew Benzie
  • Programs/Workshops:  Elisabeth Tuck, Lyn Roberts, Jill Hedgecock, Al Garrotto
  • Publicity:  Ann Damaschino
  • Reservations:  Robin Gigoux
  • Young Writers Contest:  Bob O’Brien, Marlene Dotterer
  • Writers’ Tables:  Lee Paulson

Advisory Board Members

David George, Judith Marshall, Al Garrotto

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