Publishing Pathways

As part of the new Publishing Pathways project, the NorCal Group has created a website to assist CWC members with publishing and marketing their work.  The website, which is under re-construction, will contain current information regarding publishers, agents, ebooks, and the publishing process. It will also provide information on how to market your work and how to create platforms.  Finally, it will list valuable resources and people who can assist you with marketing/publishing.   Note:  The website is a “work in progress” and will continue to grow based on member input.

Members who wish to access this information may do so in two ways:  they may access the website directly, or they may contact a Publishing Pathways Mentor for assistance.  Currently, the Mt. Diablo branch has three mentors (see below).

Members can also offer their services as editors, speakers on marketing/publishing, marketing/publishing consultants, or  providers of other services related to marketing/publishing. Members who wish to offer their services via the website should forward their request to one of the mentors to pass on to the webmaster. Requests to post services are only accepted if routed through a Publishing Pathways Mentor.

Here is information about our Mt. Diablo branch mentors.

Judith Marshall

Judith has been a member of CWC since 1998. Her lifelong dream of writing fiction was realized in 2009 with the release of Husbands May Come and Go but Friends are Forever, winner of the Jack London Prize awarded by the California Writers Club. The screen rights have been optioned, and the book is currently being adapted into a screenplay.  Contact Judith at judith (dot) marshall (at) att (dot) net.

Andrew Kinane

Andrew joined CWC in the 1990’s.  His novel, Noah II, was published in paperback by the Pleasant Hill Press (a micro press) in 1999. He is currently looking to publish (electronically and/or in hard copy) an updated and revised version of the novel: Noah II, the End of the Rainbow. It is an international adventure story, a murder mystery, and a parable about our present times and the near future.  Contact Andrew at andrewkinane (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Polly Bernson

I was born after cars but before television and I have been involved in the creative world my entire life. I have had the good fortune to live all over the United States and California is where we have chosen to live permanently. It offers everything one could wish for (the traffic not so much). After many years in the world of retail design, I’ve now worked in the printing and publishing business for the last 15 years and endeavor to keep up with the latest trends and technology. The publishing world can tricky, just as each book is individual and so is the manner in which it should be published.  Contact Polly at shop (at) bighatpress (dot) com.