Revised Member Web Pages

Over the fall, as promised, I revamped the member web pages, essentially consolidating information for each author into one composite entry.  I have based this revamp on a combination of existing entries and amazon listings (when available).  We now have the following:

  • Members A-D
  • Members E-J
  • Members K-Q
  • Members R-Z

I’ve sent separate emails to a few of you seeking information, seeking copyright authorization/permission to include book cover pictures, or seeking .jpg files.  As you respond to these requests, I will update the pages accordingly.

In addition, some members may not be represented.  If you were not on the previous member pages or if I could not find an entry for you in amazon, I did not include you.  If this is inaccurate, please contact me and we’ll work it out.

As a final note, WordPress sometimes “re-spaces” content when line spaces are blank.  I’ve tried to manipulate the pages to allow appropriate space between author entries, but that is not guaranteed to be stable and entries may shift.  I don’t intend to do anything further at this point because I want to see what content changes are needed first.  That will cause shifts, anyway, and I would like to see the needed corrections settle down before struggling with this aspect of WordPress any further.

Please check your entries by clicking on the appropriate Members’ page for your surname. Let me know of any issues and I’ll address them as much as possible in the new year.

The goal has been to showcase our members’ accomplishments more effectively and I hope this has been achieved.

Aline, Online Coordinator

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