Web site update coming — member accomplishments consolidated

The Board has decided to improve how we highlight member accomplishments by consolidating them into a single unit by the end of 2012.   Names will be listed in alphabetic order by last name and listings will include your most significant writing awards, your latest creation, and links to your web page/blog where available.

Your websites can provide other information regarding older titles while the Branch website focuses on newer work; however, additions will include links to Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble (where available) and, depending on copyright and availability, a thumbnail copy of book covers.

Copyright will be confirmed for books covers.  Whether published with a New York house or self-published, the branch can’t know what contracts you have signed with publishers or cover artists and must observe any copyright/contractual limitations.  A form is being developed for that purpose.

If you have questions, please email soulesa (at) yahoo (dot) com.

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